Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Brand New Bag

One of the librarians media specialists at my high school bought me a present. She said that she saw this, thought of me, and just knew that I would love it. This is my new knitting bag.
Do you know what those numbers are? It's the Dewey Decimal System number for knitting books!
I love it! :-)
On Friday night, Kelson's girlfriend Caitlin and her mom decided that it would be fun to teach Kelson to ice skate. Ummm....yeah. I got a phone call at 8:30 that evening, and it went like this:

Kelson (with slightly shaky voice): Hi, Mom.
Me: What's the matter???
Kelson: Well, I'm okay, Mom, but....what hospital can I go to?
Me: What??!?

As it turns out, Kelson and ice skates do not get along just yet. He was just starting to get the hang of it when he did, by all accounts, a rather spectacular faceplant. He split open his eyelid, just below the eyebrow. Caitlin's mom is a nurse, and she drove him to the immediate care center, where I met them. If it would have been anyplace else, the doctor told me that it would have been 4-6 stitches. Since it was the eyelid, though, he glued it. This was the aftereffect on Saturday morning when he took the bandaid off:

Only my kid could need stitches from flat ice. :-Þ

Now she wants to teach him to ski....

My Dad just found a picture and sent it to me. This is my sister Michelle and me at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in 1971

(anybody remember the original Monkey Island?)

Just for fun, here's a picture of the two of us that we took on Christmas Eve: The cuteness just never fades! :-)
Be sure to pop over to Sabrina's blog today and wish her a Happy 30th Birthday!!!


Blogger Lisa said...

I love the bag - what a great gift.

I am surprised your son didn't do more damage to his face - ice is quite dangerous especially if you are just learning.

Both my girls are hockey players, and even though they are at the age they can skate without their helmet and face mask - there is no way on this planet I would allow them to get on the ice without one.

Glad to hear it wasn't too serious.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

I don't know...do these gals still look as hot as they did back in the '80s? LOL Wonder if the one on the right still has great legs?

7:03 PM  

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