Saturday, September 27, 2008


My secret pal just emailed me - my final "reveal" box went out today!  Now I have something to look forward to next week!    According to the tracking number, she's from New Jersey, but I won't go blog-searching to find out who she is - I want to be surprised!  (I've always been like that...I'd rather wait and be surprised than try to peek and find out anything early)

And, ummm...  Indians?  Why haven't you played like this all season?  Although you're giving Sabrina fits right now, it's nice to see you guys putting the Sox in their place.  :-)   Too little, too late, though...


Blogger sabrina d. said...

You know, I would actually be happier if Cleveland had worked for this win tonight and won it on their own merits. I mean, you had some nice base running there, but seriously, our pitchers were a gift from above. A gift that kept on giving, and giving, and giving... I wish we could be defeated by someone who just plays better than us. Instead, we defeat ourselves by just sucking so damn much the other team can't help but hit lots and lots of runs in. Our offense was even on the ball tonight, and we still couldn't win, because after we recovered somewhat after the bullpen handed the game over on a platter, they handed it over AGAIN!


So infuriating. My head may actually explode tomorrow if the same thing happens. Keep an eye out for a gory mess in the upper deck behind home plate.

10:25 PM  

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