Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slowly but surely...

I went back to work two weeks ago. It's really strange: I feel better than I have felt in a few years, but I'm absolutely *exhausted* by about 2:00 each day. Everybody tells me that my energy and stamina will come back, but right now I feel like I need to take about a 3 day nap!
I'm still knitting: Zig Zag socks for the KnitPicks catalog. Made with Felici in the Mixed Berries colorway. I really like this sock yarn! I knit these two at a time, and I was really tickled that they came out to be exact matches for each other.
This is my next piece for KnitPicks. It's going to be a tank/vest, and the yarn is Andean Treasure in the Embers Heather colorway. It's much more of a burgundy color than this picture shows - the color and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous! It is soft, soft, soft!
Next weekend I'm hosting the 10th Annual Ohio Soapers Gathering. 108 soapmakers will converge in Strongsville...my living room is full of door prizes and goody bag items. The gatherings are always a LOT of fun but a lot of work, and I'm always pooped at the end of the day. Extra vitamins for me for the next week! :-)