Wednesday, June 29, 2005


After 3 weeks of extreme power knitting, the sweater is DONE! Hallelujah and all that jazz. This sweater was described to me as a "simple wrap" when they asked me if I could do it. They're quite humorous, those KnitPicks people. :-) Multiple cables, diagonals, and a 64" long cable panel that had to be sewn on after the sweater body was done is not a "simple wrap" in my book.'s done!

I'm not going to post pictures until it's published in the next catalog; I don't know if KnitPicks would be very happy with me if I "previewed" their new yarn line before they even introduce it. It's this but in blue.

I will tell you this - the new line is called "Sierra," and it is absolutely wonderful to knit.

I made the sweater in a size small. I haven't worn a size small since 7th grade, so I won't feel any guilt or withdrawal whatsoever when I send it on it's merry way to KnitPicks.

Now I have to finish that last sock for them...I have to have the whole kit and kaboodle to the UPS store by Saturday.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hoo Boy

After today's parade (in 90 degree heat!), Kelson has officially switched from marching a clarinet to marching a TUBA! Yep, my 13 year old has to carry an instrument bigger than he is. :-)

It's going to be a noisy summer - the dogs aren't exactly thrilled with the deep, booming noises emanating from Kelson's general direction...Gracie's hiding under the computer desk as we speak.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

To the bestest Dad in the world! I love you!!

Friday, June 17, 2005


Wow - this has been a busy 3 weeks!!! Let's see...

I went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show over Memorial Day weekend - what a blast!! When I wasn't spinning Icelandic roving in the Morning Star Fiber booth, I was taking classes. On Saturday, I took a class called "New Directions in Knitting with Color" with none other than the Knitting Heretic, Annie Modesitt!

What a hoot!! I not only had a really good time, I learned how to do intarsia! Now when I have an uncontrollable urge to put a random picture on a sweater, I know how to do it. :-) On Sunday, I took a class in silk spinning - now I have 8 ounces of bombyx waiting for me to spin it.


is what I paid for gas on the way to Wooster that day - I loooove Giant Eagle's gas program! For every $50 spent in groceries, they take 10 cents off per gallon. Over the course of a few months, those dimes add up!

On June 2nd, Kelson won an award at his Middle School. He took Latin I at the high school this past year (as a 12 year old!!) and received a CUM LAUDE score on the National Latin Exam! He's just to the right of the lady in blue, wearing a white shirt.

Nope, not bursting with pride here...

On the puppy front, Gracie is doing quite well. Her favorite frog met its demise when its legs came off

(Tick won the tug-of war, by the way). One side benefit? Tick has lost weight since Gracie came to live with us - he hasn't run around this much in a loooong time.

Rambo absolutely loves Gracie, and he'll play with her at every opportunity. Gracie plays biteface with him every chance that she gets, and sometimes he wins, too.

Moe continues to be annoyed with her presence in "his" house, but he will now allow her to pass within 2 feet without going into full "growl mode." He's getting better - at least he'll stay in the same room with her now.

Yes, that's Gracie's cage, but Tick likes it too. If he won't move over, she will sit on him until he moves.

On the knitting front, I'm wondering if KnitPicks is trying to kill me. :-) I was *almost* done with the 4 socks for the next catalog, and last Saturday they sent me the yarn for this sweater

It's beautiful, it's gorgeous, the new yarn that they're introducing is to die for (is's a 70/30 wool/alpaca heavy worsted), and it's due in 2-1/2 weeks. In the last 6 days I've finished the back, one sleeve, and about 1/3 of the left panel. Whew! Diagonals and multiple cables are not "watch TV and knit" kind of things! I'll finish it in time, but talk about power knitting! :-)

And the best news? On July 7th, I leave for KNITTING CAMP!!! I fly into Wisconsin on the 7th, and come home on the 11th!! Mom and Dad bought my plane ticket and rental car for my 40th birthday (I TOLD you they're enablers - my birthday isn't until December!!) :-)