Monday, September 29, 2008

My Secret Pal Reveal!

My Secret pal sent my final reveal box, and it arrived today! My secret pal is Donna - aka Hulaknitter.
She sent me chocolate:and a notepad:and a GREAT book (I can finally take the copy back to the library!)and 8 (count 'em! 8!) skeins of Wool of the Andes! 4 Spruce and 4 Blackberry!She also sent me a beautiful raspberry roving about a month ago - and I didn't get a picture before I started spinning it! I'll post pictures of the finished yarn when it's done. :-) Thank you very much, Donna!!! You've been an awesome secret pal!

This is what happens when the remnants of a Hurricane (Ike) go through Ohio...this is also what happens when your neighbor lets the "Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob Fencing Company" build a fence right in the middle of the drainage swail. News flash: pine trees need drainage, or this is what happens.

It was kind of funny when they were building this fence last summer. They'd dig some fence post holes, and then the next day there would be 3 of them standing around the holes, trying to figure out where the water was coming from. (Hint...that's also where her sump drains). Not bright!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


My secret pal just emailed me - my final "reveal" box went out today!  Now I have something to look forward to next week!    According to the tracking number, she's from New Jersey, but I won't go blog-searching to find out who she is - I want to be surprised!  (I've always been like that...I'd rather wait and be surprised than try to peek and find out anything early)

And, ummm...  Indians?  Why haven't you played like this all season?  Although you're giving Sabrina fits right now, it's nice to see you guys putting the Sox in their place.  :-)   Too little, too late, though...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Wow - it's been a month already! The time? I have no idea where it went!

A quick rundown:

2 days before school started, my school found out that they had one English class that they couldn't cover, so I now teach one class of 9th grade English, and I have 5 class periods with the JDs. It's not much, but it's a start, and I'm really glad to be in the classroom again! Now I have lesson plans, papers to grade and department meetings...but I don't mind! :-)

I'm knitting a men's sweater for KnitPicks right now...a 46" top-down sweater with DK yarn. I can't show it to you yet, but it's a lotta knitting! (The cabled afghan that I knit over the summer will be in the new catalog that's supposed to be mailed at the end of the month...and then I can show it to you!) Right before the yarn for the sweater showed up, I knit the body and sleeves of a sweater for Michael del Vecchio (of "Knitting with Balls" fame), and that sweater will be in the February Knit 'n Style. I really like Michael's designs, and this one is no exception. I haven't seen what the completed sweater will look like, but if the body and sleeves are any indication, it will be very popular! :-)

I sent off my final package to my secret pal - she received it today. Her name is Heather, and her blog is here . I have no idea who my upstream pal is - I haven't heard from her in ages. :-(

Back to the regularly scheduled madness...