Sunday, November 19, 2006

The sweater? Done!

27 days after the yarn arrived, I've darned in the ends! Woohoo!!! Kevin modeled it, and it fits him perfectly! Please imagine here a perfectly fitting sweater, worn by my husband:
Nice, no? You'll get to see the entire picture after it shows up in the KnitPicks catalog. :-)

Now I need to get back to work on my Christmas knitting!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

An OSU/Michigan joke

Courtesy of Gil:

It is late in the OSU-Michigan game on an overcast day.Michigan has the ball on the OSU 3, with 2 seconds left, and down 14-10. There is time for one more play. Lloyd Carr calls timeout.

As the team is coming to the sideline, Lloyd looks to the heavens and says, "God - I've been a good man. A church going man. I've tried to do what's right and I've never asked you for anything. But, this is a big game and if I could get a little guidance, I would be forever grateful."

The clouds part, sun shines on Lloyd and he hears a voice bellow "I Right 39 Pitch Trap." Lloyd can't believe it! God himself gave him the play! It'll work for sure. The team comes to the sideline and Lloyd excitedly gives them the play.

The timeout ends and the teams come back on the field. Lloyd can barely contain his excitement - he's going to win. Play resumes and the ball is snapped. The Michigan QB pitches to the back. For a split second, there's a hole - which is quickly filled byLaurinaitis, who tackles the Michigan back short of the goal line. Time expires and Ohio State players storm the field to celebrate. Lloyd is in shock - he can't believe the play didn't work. Lloyd looks to the heavens and cries, "God - why did you call THAT play?"God looks down, shrugs, turns to his right and says, "Woody - why *did* we call that play?"

Okay, okay - just one more, just for my cousin Greg:

How do you get a Michigan Graduate off your front porch?
Pay him for the pizza.

Way to go Buckeyes!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rainy Saturday...

Kelson is in Indianapolis; the band didn't make the semi-finals. (Crud!) He'll be home at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Kevin and Kyle are sitting in a tree stand deer hunting in the rain, and I've been canning everything that isn't nailed down - or at least it seems that way. Turkeys were on sale at Giant Eagle (77 cents a pound), so I pressure cooked a 12 pounder and then canned 6 pints of turkey and 2 pints of broth. I had enough left over to make a big batch of turkey and dumplings for dinner. I went through the freezer and found some pieces-parts from last year's deer; there are 4 quarts of venison in the canner right now.

In between batches, I've been knitting on a sleeve for the sweater.

When it's a rainy, dreary day and you're tired from standing over a canning kettle all day, it's always fun to sit down and watch puppies. :-)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nothing exciting

The marching band leaves for Grand Nationals in Indianapolis on Thursday, so there has been a lot of running around trying to get things ready, as well as extra practices.

School has been school, I guess - too many JDs every day. (7 months until the last day of school)

I have been knitting, though... I have the body done, and now I'm just waiting for the sleeve part of the pattern to be sent to me. I was having a really hard time visualizing this color scheme when I first received the yarn; in my head, it just didn't want to work. As I'm knitting it, though, it really looks nice. You'll get to see the completed sweater when the catalog comes out - all 7 of you that actually read my blog. :-)

I'm off from school today - it's Election Day! (Hooray!!) Please remember to go vote!!! I'm taking Thursday off, also - Kelson has to be at the high school at 4:00 in the morning (the bus leaves for Indy at 5:00 am) and Kyle has an appointment with a pediatric neurologist later in the day. After several years of speech therapy, his speech is getting worse...we need to be sure that there isn't a physiological cause. Thursday evening, I'm teaching a Knitting 101 class at a local library.

Nothing else exciting, I guess...
And I think that Tick agrees.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Gotta love Windows XP

I'm remote blogging from school - I only have 9 JDs today, so it's been fairly quiet. My computer at home is FINALLY back up and running - after 3 days of nearly total FUBAR status, I managed to recover everything that I absolutely needed before I formatted the hard drive.

Now I get the ever-so-enjoyable job of rebuilding everything!

Anyway - if you have emailed me or commented in the last 3 days, I am most definitely not ignoring you. I've had 15-18 JDs in my room nearly every day this week, and that doesn't leave much time for reading/responding to emails!

Hopefully I'll be completely back up and sending pictures this weekend - after I reinstall my photo software. :-)