Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sheer (surprise!) decadence!

My primary fiber enabler sent me a surprise package! It's a good thing that transporting fiber across state lines is not illegal, because Sabrina and I would most definitely be in trouble. :-) She put a card in the box that said "Since you couldn't go to YarnCon, YarnCon had to come to you."

This didn't come from YarnCon, but it's definitely been on my "I really want to try it" list since it was introduced. This, for those who don't recognize it, is a sock yarn blank from KnitPicks. It's 2 strands knitted together - when you dye it and then unravel it into two balls of yarn (or knit both right from the blank), both strands are identical, so both socks will match.
This is (ahem) an 8 oz bag of alpaca! It's from Karen Poulakos' Fiber Arts Studio, and the alpaca's name (from the tag) was "Miss Snuggles." Notice the extra tag in Braille - the spinner is blind! That in itself is amazing...and this fiber is sink-your-face-in-it soft.
See the sheen? The beautiful colors? Yep, this is a ball of dyed silk! Sabrina knows my favorite colors - and she knows how I feel about silk. :-)
These are the coolest things - they're called pattern tamers. There are 3 of them (of different sizes) in the package. The insides are magnets, which hold the pattern still. These will be great for holding my place in a lace chart!
Sock Yarn!!! Sophie's Toes Sock Yarn, to be exact, in the "Hunky Lifeguard" colorway. It's hard to photograph, but the colors are just stunning - this is beautifully dyed, and will make gorgeous socks.
This part of the box is absolutely awesome. Yep, I now own my very own copy of "Goodnight Bush!" It's a dead-on parady of the children's book "Goodnight Moon," and it's wonderful.
Sabrina is the bestest! :-) She always knows how to make a crappy week better!


Anonymous Joy said...

Aren't surprise boxes wonderful - really cool goodies! Hope your week gets better!

9:58 PM  
Blogger sabrina d. said...

Plus, this way, it's like being a *super* secret pal since you never knew to expect it! *evil cackles* I couldn't resist the Hunky Lifeguard, it had to go visit you... :)

10:22 PM  

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